You can find resources on my vendor page at My Ed Expert. Many free downloads on the site:

You can find resources on my vendor page at My Ed Expert. Many free downloads on the site:

Some of the resources found at My Ed Expert.

Some of the resources found at My Ed Expert.

Unlike the day before winter or summer break, the final day before spring break is usually a typical day. Are there things you could be suggesting to students though to make their experience of spring break more meaningful? It is definitely a time to take a brain break but it is also a time rife with opportunity to learn.
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Projects put students in a real-world setting and ask them to complete a task meeting the requirements as laid out by the project. Projects teach students how to learn for themselves. It also has other advantages such as collaboration, public speaking, and organization, all 21st century skills that would benefit any student.
What if we let the students be responsible for most of the learning in class? That is the basic premise behind inquiry-based learning where the content is not given to the kids by the teacher but rather generated and discovered on their own.
The brain is just like a muscle that needs exercised regularly if it is going to develop and get stronger. How you can exercise the brain is by cognitively challenging it using puzzles. Puzzles such as SuDoku, brainteasers, logic puzzles, cryptograms, and riddles can cause one to think and thus exercise the brain.
Benjamin Bloom created a taxonomy for the various levels of questioning and thinking back in 1953. Now, 70 years later his taxonomy still very much resonates in the classrooms of the 21st century. Learn how to use the various levels of Bloom's and the advantage to doing so.
We have two sides to our brain and although everyone uses both sides, most tend to lean to one side or another. If you are left brained dominant you typicall...
In this edition of Todd Talk I talk about Kolb's 7 different learning styles and how knowing which ones are your students' strengths is very important to teaching them effectively. For every learning style there are suggestions for how to practice this in the classroom.
In this Todd Talk I talk about one of the most important things teachers can do to make an impact on their students and that is to show you care. I call this the caring factor and it displays itself not only in academics, but in social/emotional needs as well.
Are you being purposeful about the way you physically set up your classroom? Is this setup conducive to your students being able to best learn? This talk will look at ways to set up your classroom and the reasonings for doing so.
This Todd Talk walks parents through what it means now that their child has been identified as gifted and how to have a conversation with them about what it means to be gifted.

In this tutorial designed for classroom teachers, I talk about how a teacher should not have to stand in front of the class for more than 10 minutes at a time. By doing this you ensure your students are listening to what you are saying because the normal human attention span can last only ten minutes, and you give your students more time to become learners themselves.


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As a teacher, especially of gifted students, you have to be a life-long learner in order to keep up. One of the best ways to do this is to read thought-provoking books.